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Thrifting in September

Thrifting in September

The Farmington Place Apartments has some of our favorite thrifting tips and tricks to help you shop this September. Thrift stores have the reputation of selling items that are old, out-of-style, and out-of-date, but that’s not true! Thrift stores can be treasure troves of vintage and classic items. Call up a friend and head to your favorite thrift store in Wichita, KS before the month is through.


The most important thing to remember when you’re thrift store shopping is to keep your mind open. Searching through the racks at your local thrift store can be a little disheartening. While there are certainly amazing items waiting to be found, there are plenty of items that will be old, worn down, or downright strange. Don’t dismiss these items. Just think — how can you alter items to make them useful? If something is strange, but you like it, figure out ways to make it work in your apartment home. Also, you’ll never find the gold ticket items — designer shoes, vintage postcards, rare editions of your favorite book — unless you put in the work.


Remember to set a budget. It can be easy to go overboard when you’re thrift store shopping. There’s so much to buy and most of it is pretty cheap. Keep your mind open but also keep your budget (and your space) in mind. Don’t buy anything that will just end up cluttering your apartment before heading back to thrift store as a donation.


Take thrift store shopping as an opportunity to explore the history of the city. Head to antique stores and ask for the history behind items. There are plenty of ways to learn more about Wichita, KS, but we think that learning about your city through the items at your local thrift store is a unique way to learn more about the past.


Do you have any thrift store tips or tricks for us? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!

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