May 17

Road Trip Tips

Road Trip Tips

In this post, the Farmington Place Apartments is featuring road trip routes, snacks, budgeting tips, and more. Get out of your Wichita, KS apartment for an adventure before the month is through. We hope that you get the chance to head out on the road before the month is through!



There are plenty of great road trips right here in Kansas. Use Roadtrippers to plan your next road trip. You can plan your route, your stops, your lodging, and more. Roadtrippers even has an excellent guide to road trips in Kansas. So pack up your car and see everything that the state has to offer!


If you’d like to go out of state for your road trip, remember to plan ahead of time. Check the weather, the traffic, and the amount of time you’ll need to take off work before you head out of town. Remember to take note of any interesting sites that might be on your road trip route. Don’t just road trip for the destination — remember to enjoy the journey as well!




Budget your trip before you go. Make a list of your expected expenses — food, lodging, laundry, gas, souvenirs, etc. — and come up with a reasonable budget. If you would like to go on a more extravagant trip, remember to start saving ahead of time. Set aside a certain amount each month in a “travel fund.” You can save money while you’re on your trip by camping for a couple of days and by packing a cooler full of food. You’ll save money on your lodging and your food budget this way.




Healthy road trip snacks include celery, peanut butter, wheat bagels, apples, fruit, and more. Try to replenish your stock of snacks at local grocery stores along your route.


Do you have any road trip tips for us? Leave your advice in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!

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