Mar 15

Renters Insurance at Farmington Place Apartments in Wichita, KS


Dear Valued Resident,

Firstly, we value your residency at Farmington Place Apartments in Wichita, KS and want to say thank you for being a resident. We hope you enjoy living here. This letter contains valuable information and we encourage you to read it carefully. There have been a series of events at various properties that we manage and we felt we should share a letter with all our residents regarding Renters Insurance.

Recently a resident at another property we manage was cooking inside their unit and started a fire. The fire quickly spread and consumed their entire unit. Thankfully, the damage did not spread to other units and just caused some minor smoke and water damage in the hallway. We are still collecting repair estimates, but this small fire caused over $25,000 in damage. Unfortunately, this particular resident did not have renter’s insurance and is liable for the cost of all of that damage. Not to mention, they have lost nearly all of their possessions. In the coming weeks, our insurance company will file a claim and/or lawsuit against this resident and attempt to collect the money they will pay out to repair the damage. More than likely, this particular resident has no way of paying the over $25,000 and will have to file bankruptcy. Their financial future has taken a very serious hit. It is an unfortunate result for everyone involved – through an accident that could happen to anyone. This resident could have obtained adequate renters insurance that covered their liability for only $3.51 a month, or $42 a year. And so can you.

We feel it is our duty to educate you concerning renter’s insurance coverage so that you can protect yourself against loss and to help prevent misunderstandings about the owner’s insurance policy. You may not think you need insurance at all. But you may not realize that your owner’s policy doesn’t cover any of your personal property or damage caused by you.

You may be under a lease with us and we cannot legally change the terms of your lease and require you to obtain renters insurance, but YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO OBTAIN RENTERS INSURANCE TO PROTECT YOU FROM LIABILITY. Please review your individual lease to see if renter’s insurance is required.

When your lease ends and you either renew your lease or your lease becomes a month-to-month lease, you will be given notice and required to obtain renters insurance. If you are currently a month-to-month tenant, you will be receiving a notice requiring renters insurance very soon.

Effective August 11, 2014, we will begin requiring Renters Insurance for all new leases and renewals. Your Renter’s Insurance Policy must have at least $100,000 in liability coverage. Your deductible cannot be more than $500. You can add this coverage to most car insurance policies. At the time of your renewal or by September 1st, you will be required to provide us with proof of renter’s insurance coverage. We have negotiated a group rate with ResidentInsure for Personal Liability Insurance that would fulfill this requirement. We make no money from this company. You can visit; type in your apartment community’s zip code; select your apartment community and complete the process. You may also obtain the required Personal Liability Insurance from any bona fide carrier and provide us proof of coverage.

Please contact the management office at Farmington Place Apartments in Wichita, KS and discuss any questions with your individual Community Manager.

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